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    Who we are and what we do

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IMI mHealth Service
your USPP* in a billion dollar market

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of specialists inspired and motivated by the vision of bringing healthcare back to the people. Keeping people healthy is real healthcare and will save health organizations and governments billions of dollars every year and will improve quality of life for millions tremendously.

This personal empowerment to make conscious decisions about the personal wellbeing requires personal and basic information about the current state – a device to spot check people’s wellbeing and the facility to store the data and see tendencies combined with a diary on nutrition, training and treatments. The possibility to share successful plans and strategies for a better life can be discussed and shared in the leading social communities.

With our headquarters in the upper Rhein Valley, between Switzerland and Austria, and our branch in Hong Kong, we have direct access to all our important partners and providers, beginning from sophisticated software engineering to various production lines in China, ready to fulfill our and our customers’ needs.

With our market leading service, we are offering the unique selling pole position into the mHealth industry on the basis of mobile wellness devices.

Health goes mobile, and the responsibility for health goes back to the people – that’s the occasion where you should join in!

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”, Sir Victor Hugo 1852 Based on more than 10 years of research and development, we are proud to be the first to be able to deliver a fully integrated mobile health service that

• is integrated
• is interactive
• is secure
• is accurate
• is scalable
• can be branded as your mHealth service
• opens a wide range of linkages to other platforms (nutrition platforms,
health datastorage platforms, training platforms, diet platforms,…)
• can be implemented as your new business segment with multi million
revenue potential
• is compatible with all common operating systems
• enables operating companies to offer an interesting range of services as upand
cross selling opportunities.

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