Corporate positioning

Our main targets

We bring together different sciences

It is our objective to bring technical innovation and medical know-how together and to promote and develop solutions for Mobile Health.

We are developing advanced solutions

Our scientists have been developing for more than 12 years mobile solutions for healthcare. The rapid development of mobile phones led to completely new opportunities for our ideas and products. Today we can offer production-ready development on different platforms and operating systems. The current mobile phone series are the latest generation of smartphones.

We want to bring High-Level and science proofed Mobile-Health to mass market

The emerging mass market will lead to less costs of mobile mHealth devices and soon these devices will be available for everyone, even in developing countries.

We want to offer mHealth as a globally available function

The Health tools we have developed the potential decentralized health care in particular have improved significantly in depressed regions of the world. The device, the measurement and the software is due to the high flexibility, high significance and validity of very broadly applicable.